X3600-4800 2-4 channel Class D High Stablility Digital Power Amplifier
    Publish time 2020-01-17 14:27    
2-4 channel Class D High Stability Digital Power Amplifier


. Powerful output in small and compact shell space.
. Long lasting stability and high durability
. Compact structure of Class D PCB, SMPS Power supply module. 
 Smaller size and  lighter weight. Easy to install and move. 
. Built with well selected quality components and parts.

Model No. X3600 X4800
Channel number 2 channel 4 channel
Circuit category Class D Class D
Height 1U (44mm) 1U (44mm)
Output power at 4Ω 500Wx2 500Wx4
Output power at 8Ω 300Wx2 300Wx4
Bridge output power at 8Ω 1000W 1000Wx2
Distortion ( 1kHZ,=10dB/4 Ohms) 0.2%
S/N Ratio (20Hz-20Khz,4 Ohms) 112dBA
Cross Talk (1kHZ, 4 Ohms) 35dB
Frenquency response 10Hz to 20k Hz,+/-1dB
Input Impedanace balanced 20K/ non-balanced 10K
Damping factor(10-400Hz,8Ohms) >300 
Sensitivity 0dB
Protections Protections againts short circuit ,over-load, overheat, direct current, radio-interference , on/off switching,muting and amplitude limit.
Control Knobs Power on/off switch in front panel, gain control in front panel, Mono and bridge selection on rear panel
Led lights Clip/-10dB/signal/Mono/bridge/Status/Active/Protect indication light on front panel 
Air flow The air flow is from front to back of the amplifier.
Power delay 4 seconds
Input connector XLR 
Output connector SPEAKON
Dimension (WxHxD) 483x44x350mm 483x44x350mm
Net Weight 4.95kgs 6.30kg

. DOLSI exclusive design. Powerful output and long lasting stability.
. 1 unit rack size and light weight, easy to move and install.
. Class D Toplogy integrated with switch power supply design.
. High efficiency and Low electricity consumption.
. Fully automatic protections against short circuit ,over-load, overheat, direct current, RF, on/off switching, muting, and amplitude limit.
. Stereo ,bridge and mono mode selection switch is set on back panel.        


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