DTA Series Class H 400-1200W 8 ohm High Stability SMPS Power Amplifier
    Publish time 2020-01-17 16:40    
2-4 channel 400-1200W 8 ohm Class H High Stability SMPS Power Amplifier

. Powerful output in small and compact shell space.
. Long lasting stability and high durability
. Compact structure of Class H PCB, SMPS Power supply module. 
 Smaller size and  lighter weight. Easy to install and move. 



Model No. DTA2.5 DTA2.6 DTA2.8 DTA4.5 DTA4.6 DTA4.8 DTA4.12
4Ω stereo output power  2x750W 2x1000W 2x1200W 4x700W 4x1000W 4x1200W 4x1800W
8Ω stereo output power  2x400W 2x600W 2x800W 4x400W 4x600W 4x800W 4x1200W
8Ω bridge output power  1200W 1800W 2300W 2x1100W 2x1800W 2x2300W /
Voltage Gain 32.8dB 32.8dB 33dB 33dB 35dB 35dB 35dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz,+0/-3dB
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) <0.026%,1kHz
IMD ≤0.2% 8Ω,[email protected] 
Slew Rate ≥30V/μS
Damping Factor(8 ohm),10Hz-400Hz ≥600:1
Signal-to-Noise Ratio  >100dB
Cross-talk >70dB @ 1KHz
Input sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V
Input Impedance Balanced 20K ohm, Non-balanced 10K ohm
Protections Voltage limit, and protection against direct current,over-heat,over-load,short circuit,on/off delay and Rf interference.
Dimensions(WxHxD) 483x88x335mm 483x88x385mm
Net weight 7.8kg 8.2kg 9.8kg


 DTA Series adopt full bridge (SMPS) switching mode power supply with high efficiency and stability,
third grade CLASS-H audio amplifier circuit. Both 2 and 4 channel are available. The main features are
as the following: 

 . Patented and elegant design. The aluminium front panel. Very light in weight and easy to install.
.Well-crafted machine with compact structure.
.Strong output power and applicable to a variety of applications.
. Integrated circuit ensuring excellent and independent output for the multi-region sound reinforcement system. 
.Advanced and full protection circuit against short-circuit, broken circuit, direct current, error matching, over-heat and no-load.
 .Well selected and strong material of inside components and the enclosure. Good anti-vibration. 
.Long-lasting performance stability 
.Good cooling system with automatic speed fan with high efficiency of heat dissipation.
.Accurate, and clean sound quality with very low distortion.
. Speakon? socket, binding post output connector, XLR input connector and speaker parallel connector.
.Well tested by AP testing machine to ensure strong stability.

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